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I have a passion to make people laugh and, like any New Yorker, wanted to use my time effectively. Resourceful, I delved into my New York roots and came up with an out-of-the-box way to get unlimited open mic time whenever I desired: perform in the subway!!! I get unlimited sets and a large audience that is more than happy to provide me with might even say relentless...honest feedback. I don't put out a hat. It's just me, my mic stand, my stool and my banner.

 However, after numerous ejections by the transit police over permits (which aren't required by the MTA to perform in the subway), the local news channel, NY1, did a piece on me. It seems the NYPD has lost its sense of humor.  On the otherhand, commuter reviews have been pretty favorable so any concerns the cops have over me "bombing" the subway (with my material, that is) are unfounded.