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I've been a television producer for 7 years and I am the last person anyone would have thought would do stand-up.  A veteran behind-the-scenes go-getter, an admitted work-a-holic and an “introverted extrovert,” being front and center would never have cross their minds, because it had never crossed mine. That is, until I met a guy I tried to book for the popular tv show I worked on for a year 1/2, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." He wanted "Queer Eye" to help him with his comedic debut and when I went to see him perform, something clicked in me.

I thought of all the stories I had shared with friends and colleagues -- the crazy, intense behind-the-scenes happenings of working in television, my zany personal adventures as a single girl in NYC, my life abroad in Japan and Germany, along with a kooky year of wanting to experiment with drinking in the cocktail capital of the world after meeting Ted Allen, the food expert on "Queer Eye" (I rarely, if ever, drank before July ‘05) – I knew then that I had a wealth of material at my fingertips -- and with the steady stream of people interviewing for a shot on "Queer Eye," I had a great test audience for months!

After debuting at Caroline's Comedy Club on April 29, 2006 and several months of performing around NYC, I’m now taking my act to the toughest audience there is: NYC commuters! I'm eager to become the best at stand-up and I’m asking New Yorkers to rate my performance on my website.

I'm ready to take a gamble, have a good time, make comedy a little more fabulous and hope that I can make a New Yorker's day a little more fabulous, too.

Stay Fabulous!
The Subway Comic